Doradztwo transakcyjne

Our M&A team has many years of experience in transaction advisory gained while working in Private Equity investment funds, international corporations and through self-completed transactions. We offer transactional and strategic consulting including support in the area of:

  • Fundraising
  • Sales of the enterprise or selected assets
  • Organization of the investment process and purchase of a foreign venture
  • Mergers
  • Investments in new businesses (greenfields)
  • Reorganization and reduction of operating costs of the company, both in terms of sales of business and current operations
  • Implementation of planning processes and control of budget implementation
  • Shaping ownership policy, implementation of reporting systems
  • Acceleration of organic growth

Many entrepreneurs are tempted to sell their own business. Employment of an adviser, however, significantly shortens the sales process and will enable a higher price to be obtained. The key benefits that an adviser brings to the transaction process are:

  • Better perception of the project on the part of investors (employing an adviser indicates determination and increases competition among investors)
  • High process dynamics
  • Tight Project Management allowing precise determination of goals and deadlines to achieve
  • Limitation of time that entrepreneurs devote to the implementation of the planned transaction


Many customers ask us why the sales process is taking so long. The company is not a “shelf” product, it has its historical conditions and the buyer must be convinced that he acquires a good asset at a reasonable price. The advisor’s role is to properly set up the transaction process so that conditions may be met to finalize it in the form of a purchase and sale agreement. It requires proper preparation and time …

An example of the company’s sales process is as follows:

  • 3 weeks: Preparation of the traser and list of addressee of the offer
  • 4 weeks: Collection of declarations of interest and signed confidentiality agreements, preparation of an investment procedure
  • 3-4 weeks: Preparation of an investor information package
  • 3 weeks: Collection of initial, non-binding offers in the form of LOI
  • 1 week: Selection of an investor who will be granted exclusivity for negotiations
  • 2 weeks: negotiating and signing term-sheet
  • 3-4 weeks: due diligence, determination of the terms of the investment agreement, signing of the contract